Introduction: Achieving Light Speed With a Stick

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Theory for achieving light speed.

Step 1: Ferro Theory

I created this theory myself. It hypothesizes through simple calculations how long a stick needs be to achieve light speed at the top by moving it 45° in 1 second. Blah! What a mouthful! Anyways its easier than it sounds.

Step 2: Calculations

First I started with graphing the concept on paper. I found out that a foot at 90° put at a 45° angle had a 9 7/8 of an inch length. So if x=ft. then y=x•9 7/8. I put this in a table as seen in the second picture. but this has to equal at least 186000 miles per second. So 186000 • 52140( to convert the feet to miles) = 9698040000. ahhh! big number! x • 9 7/8 = 9698040000.
x = 982080000 miles. this means that the stick needs to be 982080000 miles long. now this is a huge number but can be lowered by moving the stick faster at a right angle or even an obtuse angle. thanks for reading. please vote for me!

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