Introduction: Acme Digital Thermometer W/ DS18B20 Temp Probe & I2C LCD

this is a very simple project that does not cost very much and will not take much time. I put it in an Amazon box because it was there, but this could be mounted in just about anything.

Step 1: Parts

1 x DS18B20 temp probe

1 x Arduino uno board

1 x LCD with I2C

1 4.7k resistor

all readily available on the internet, this project cost me around $20

some jumper wires

Step 2: Wiring of DS18B20

Red wire or VCC goes to 5v on Arduino

Black wire or ground goes to ground on Arduino

Yellow wire or Data goes to pin 2 (or whichever pin you have chosen)

there needs to be a 4.7k resistor in parallel with the Data wire and VCC wire as shown in diagram.

Step 3: Wiring of I2C LCD

GND pin to ground on Arduino

VCC pin to 5v on Arduino

SDA pin to A4 on Arduino

SCL pin to A5 on arduino

Step 4: The Code

There is a serial print loop in the code to assist in troubleshooting. It is not required for operation

Also I had a heck of a time finding a correct and working library for the LCD. Its attached to make things simpler for you.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now that you have a working thermometer and display mount it however you like for display. Enjoy!