Acrylic Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Introduction: Acrylic Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Here's how to make a memorable christmas ornament in an hour using acrylic sheet and a cnc mill.

Step 1: Generate Your Snowflake

Use the snowflake generator at to create a unique snowflake design. Export a *.svg when you are done.

Step 2: Import Into Easel and Add Some Text

Goto to access Inventable's free CAD/CAM/Control software.

Import your snowflake *.svg an size it to your liking.

Adjust the material values and change the cut out mode to outline and full depth, I used 6mm cast acrylic sheet.

Add some text and use the fill mode, I used a 1.5 mm depth.

P.S. S&M stands for Sarah & Matt....

Step 3: Mill Away!

Make sure to use a single flute endmill with ~0.5mm pass depth and ~635 mm/min speed. I used a shapeoko 2 and these settings work great.

Step 4: Attach the Hangar

I forgot to add a hole to hang the snowflake from so I milled one out on the drill press, I would recommend adding this into the cnc milling stage for next time.

Attach a wire through the hole and hang it from the tree.

You're done!

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