Acrylic Mirror for Child

Introduction: Acrylic Mirror for Child

Mirror is a good tools for child to understanding "self-concept".

However, I want a mirror which is colorful, light, safe to use (unbreakable), difficult for biting, and can hold it tight with small hand.

As a result, I make this Acrylic mirror.

Step 1: Prepare the Acrylic Mirror

I got a spray-paint cap from plastic model spray-paint.

Also, I got a piece of acrylic mirror and use saw ring to cut a circular mirror (which diameter is similar to spray paint).

Step 2: Glue the Acrylic Mirror to the Spray Paint Cap

As seems in the photo, the inner part of the spray paint cap can act as a flat platform for placing acrylic mirror.

I glue a little magnet in the inner part of the spray paint cap and then glue the acrylic mirror.

The mirror is "immersed" in the spray paint cap and the children is kept safe from the mirror edge, also, it is unbreakable (both mirror and cap), colorful, can hold it tight with small hands, and difficult to bite.....

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