Introduction: Activated Almond Milk Turmeric Smoothie

Make your body sing with this Activated Almond Milk Turmeric Smoothie.

Activated Almond Milk Turmeric Smoothie

I'm not going to lie. This does take a while (ok, ages) to prepare, but it's so worth it, and your body will absolutely love you for it! First, soak the almonds overnight, this literally takes 5 seconds, just soak 1 cup of almonds in some filtered water. The next morning is where things get fun! After rinsing the almonds, we peeled the skins off (this process is waaay quicker with two people!), as the skin contains tannins which inhibit nutrients into your body. It also gives the almond milk a nice whiter colour. You don't have to do this, but it does taste better!

Activated Almond Milk Turmeric Smoothie

If you really can't be stuffed with the whole make your own almond milk thing (it is worth it, believe me!), then you could use store bought almond milk (far inferior in my humble opinion, now that I've made this!). When you soak the almonds you are activating the enzymes in the nut, making them more digestible, and essentially more alive!

Activated Almond Milk Turmeric Smoothie

I don't need to tell you how good turmeric is for you! This Activated Almond Milk Turmeric Smoothie is a powerhouse, that will charge your body and mind! If you prefer a warmer drink, try out our warming Golden Turmeric Milk.

We used two cups of the almond milk, and it makes about 4, so you could have this smoothie twice, or use the almond milk for something else. We put black pepper in the smoothie as it increases the bioavailability of the turmeric. We also put vanilla in to balance out the pepper a bit. What we have left is a gorgeous creamy and a little spicy health drink!

Activated Almond Milk Turmeric Smoothie

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Here's some more eye candy for you! Drink up!

Step 1: Ingredients:

What you will need:

Fresh Almond Milk:

1 cup Almonds (soaked overnight)
3 cups Filtered Water

Activated Almond Turmeric Smoothie:

2 frozen Bananas
2 cups Fresh Almond Milk
1 tsp Turmeric
2 pitted Medjool Dates
Generous sprinkle of Black Pepper
Generous sprinkle of Ground Vanilla

Step 2:

After the almonds have soaked overnight, peel off and discard the skin. Put the almonds in a blender and add three cups of filtered water. Blend well. Strain the milk through a strainer or nut milk bag. We then save the almond meal for other recipes.

Step 3:

Add the frozen bananas, 2 cups of fresh almond milk, turmeric, dates, black pepper and ground vanilla to a high powered blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into 2 glasses and enjoy!