Cards for Humanity: Finding Connection Through Food and Memory

Introduction: Cards for Humanity: Finding Connection Through Food and Memory

These prompt cards are meant to facilitate conversations and stories surrounding the foods we eat, enjoy, and share.

You will need

- a ruler

- a glue stick

- exacto knife

- pencil

- cardboard at least 8.5 x11

- print HUMN card file on 8.5 x11 paper

- cutting mat

Step 1: Arrange

Arrange the paper on the cardboard so it fits. Make any adjustments needed to fit all the cards on the cardboard by cutting the paper with the cards along one of the dotted cut lines.

Step 2: Outline

Take a pencil and draw the outline of the paper on the cardboard.

Step 3: Glue

Take the glue stick and apply a decent coat to the surface outlined.

Step 4: Press

Align the piece of paper with the outlines and place the paper over the glued cardboard quickly. Press out the air bubbles using your palm until the paper is smooth.

Step 5: Cut

Next, use the exacto knife and ruler to cut along the dotted lines.

Step 6: Recycle

Recycle any leftover cardboard and paper

Step 7: Optional Stamp

use a small round potato to create two speech bubble stamps that look like they are talking to one another. This suggests that these cards should be used for collective conversation.

Step 8: Enjoy!

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