Introduction: Add Blue-tooth to Any Amp

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Recently I built a small speaker setup for my room all was working well until one of the connectors broke off and along with it the 3.5mm jack in my phone. I then decided to loss the wires all together and make the amp wireless by reusing a broken bluetooth headset

Step 1: Materials

• A Bluetooth reciever of some sort (wireless headset, Handsfree phone earpiece)
• Soldering iron + solder
•Appropriate screwdrivers
•Heat shrink

Step 2: Teardown

• Remove the earpieces from the headband
•Open the earpiece to expose the circuit board on the inside (Do NOT remove any of the wires on the board go up a few centimeters and cut there)

• Both circuit boards should be out of the earpieces

• Take pictures so you can reference the location of the wires

• Keep the casings the circuit were attached to

Step 3: Resolder the Circuit Boards Together

•Start by cutting a few lengths of diffrent colored wire smaller guage wire is easier to work with.
Roughly 10cm long (4")

• I found that the wires in my headband were bundled on the inside it would be to difficult to join them where I cut them so I decided to resolder all of them.
If your wires appear to be bundled try not to cut them and ignore the resoldering step

• Locate one of the audio outputs and makesure to use a different colored wires for them

•One by one resolder the wires on the boards there should be lables e.g. TX on one board and on the other board find the same marking and solder them together with a length of wire

Step 4: Attaching the 3.5mm Audio Plug

•Familiarize yourself with the parts of the plug find the ground (-) this should be the sleeve farthest away from the tip.

• Solder the ground(-) from the audio out to this the outer most sleeve as seen in pic.2

• There should be two more solder points closer to the center of the plug. bridge these points with the positive(+) from the audio out. This should give mono audio out

use either heat shrink and cable brade to finish of the audio out cable I used both for a better appearance

Step 5: Testing

• If you wired everything correctly then the module should power up. If not check all the wires to see if they are properly connected (took me a few trys)

• Find the auxiliary port on your amp and plug in the 3.5mn jack

• Turn on your phone and connect to the bluetooth device in my case it was "TURTLE BEACH XP500"

• Navigate to your music player and play a song

Step 6: Assembly

•House the boards back into their earpiece be careful not to pinch any wires.

• Thread the output cable through the hole used to attach the earpiece to the headband

•Use glue to join the halfs together