Introduction: Add a Pop of Pizazz to Your Garden With Chartreuse Foliage Plants

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Flowers are wonderful but there are other ways to make your garden shine. These chartreuse foliage plants will add brightness to your garden like nothing else. Plus, they combine well with every other color of plants & flowers out there.

Step 1: Sweet Potato Vine. Perennial; Sold As Annual.

These vines can usually be found spilling out of containers. They won’t grow sweet potatoes but are sure to add brightness to your garden. Combine this with dark purple variety and they won’t go unnoticed.

Step 2: ​Coleus. Perennials; Sold As Annuals.

Coleus went out of favor for a bit but now they are back with a bang. They’re sold for their showy foliage rather than the flowers. And boy, some wildly patterned ones have appeared on the market lately. Coleus are great in containers and combine beautifully with other plants. They run the exposure gamut from shade to sun. They’re also very easy to propagate which Nell can show you on her post: Propagating My Coleus.

Step 3: Sedum Ogon. Succulent Ground Cover.

What’s good about ground covers is that they’ll take up a big part of the garden. If healthy and well established, this 1 will look like a dreamy chartreuse mat. It’s a low growing, mellow chartreuse ground cover. It works well in dry to medium moisture; but not desert dry.