Adding New Libraries to KICAD

Introduction: Adding New Libraries to KICAD

KiCad is a free software suite for electronic design automation (EDA). It facilitates the design of schematics for electronic circuits and their conversion to PCB designs. It features an integrated environment for schematic capture and PCB layout design. Tools exist within the package to create a bill of materials, artwork, Gerber files, and 3D views of the PCB and its components.

Step 1: Open KiCAD Website

Step 2: Select Libraries

  • Press Libraries

Step 3: Download a Library

  • Select Schematic symbols:

Step 4: Select a Library

  • Scroll down and select the library you need finally download it

For example: I will select ''Amplifier_Audio'' library

Note :

when you download the library file you will notice that the file is compressed

you will need to uncompress "extract" the library files so you can add it to Kicad

Step 5: Open KiCAD

  1. Open KICAD.
  2. Select the Preferences menu.
  3. Then Select Manage Symbol Libraries...

Step 6: Adding the Library

  1. Select "Project Specific Libraries".
  2. Select the Browse button to navigate and select the folder of the library...
  3. Select the folder and open it and select the file extended as .lib file extension then press open.
  4. Finally Press OK

Good Luck ::))

Published By Abdelaziz Ali on 26th Aug 2020

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