Adding Video to Instructables DIY

Introduction: Adding Video to Instructables DIY

Please follow the next three steps to learn how to upload a video into your Instructable project.

Step 1: Photobooth

Record a video in Photobooth. When you are done recording, drag your video to your desktop and rename it.

(You can also email me a video and we can put this video on your desktop to upload as well.)

Step 2: Vimeo

Next, open up Vimeo and log into the account. Click the UPLOAD button in the top left corner. Click "Choose file to upload" and select your video from the desktop. View "videos" from the Smiley face menu and click on your video. Click on the share airplane icon and then copy the LINK.

By the way, the pictures that I have included are SCREEN SHOTS which I got by holding down three keys

(apple + shift + 3). Then I used the TOOLS menu to crop my screenshot.

Step 3: Instructable

Log into Instructables. Click the +Add symbol. Click photos. Click embed video. Paste the code that you copied from Vimeo. Click upload and wait for your video to completely upload. Finally click done. To see you video work, click full preview.

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