Introduction: Adding a Skirt to My Sofa Table Charging Station

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The sofa table/charging station I built years ago remains one of my most used pieces of furniture. Seriously, I charge my laptop, my blue tooth ear bud and my phone here practically daily. It is the handiest, easiest, most life changing build I’ve ever made! However, with my new sofa the way I built my little table was no longer going to work exactly. It would no longer be sandwiched so now it had to not only stand on its own but also not look quite so dang ugly because EVERYONE is going to see it!

Step 1: Adding the Skirt/table Cloth

I headed to Amazon and picked out a neutral tablecloth that had a fringe along the edge.

(I am aware how weird it sounds that I purchased a tablecloth instead of just buying fabric – I looked at shower curtains on Amazon as well. The choices are unlimited, they have finished edges and inexpensive price tags and they also have the added benefit of being stain resistant and durable! The perfect solution for someone who does not sew!)

I cut the tablecloth completely in half the long way and then found the exact center of my table. One staple on either end then one in the middle and then one in the middle of each middle etc. until I had all the pleats I wanted. Such a simple solution! Its the same way I made my guest bedroom bed skirt and several of my closet doors.

Step 2: Completion!

I knew it would be pretty glaring as the first thing you see when you walk into the living room so I went neutral with the fabric. I like the choice I made and think the little tassels are kind of cute.

The fabric itself has the feel of drop cloth so even though I washed it and steamed it I could NOT get all the wrinkles out of it and I don’t own an iron so… Fortunately I like that it has a bit of a “rumpled” look. I think I achieved what I was trying to do here: I covered up the ugly! I also think it sets the tone of a comfy and practical space but also is still kind of pretty!

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