Introduction: Adding Cableremote for Nikon D50

I have owned a Nikon D50 for a several years. It fills its photographical purpose for me as amateur photographer, but not the interaction purpose.
I am on my way of constructing a timelapse dolly so I need a function that my Nikon D50 lacks; a way to focus and take pictures remotely cable. The D50 does have IR capabilities, but thats only for the shutter, not the focus.
This project will be about adding a remote focus/shutter port to the D50 case.
Before I began disassembling my camera I browsed the web for others describing how to take apart the camera. The only thing I found is this following video on youtube:

NOTE!! This how-to does not include full steps. If you don't know how to proceed by your own without these steps, you probably should not continue.

Step 1: Disassembling

Disassemble the camera with guiding from the video on youtube

Step 2: Soldering Cables

Locate the 2-step button that is used for focus and shutter. I soldered 1 wire each for focus and shutter and later split each wire into a Y for a later mod on my battery-grip for the D50.

Step 3: Later (battery-grip) Mod Preparation

To prepare for my later ”battery-grip mod” I had to make room for 2 wires down the battery-tray.

Step 4: Place for the Jack on the Cover-plate

This is the place on the connection-panel where I decided that the 2.5mm headphonejack would fit.

Step 5: Test-fitting the Jack in the Camera

This is where in the camera the jack will be fitted in.

Step 6: Soldering Wires to the Jack

Wires from the 2-step focus/shutter-button soldered on the jack. Ground is taken from a point close to the jack final place.

Step 7: Jack in Place and Glued

Jack in-place and glued to the cover, camera almost assembled.

Step 8: Testing the New Remote Shuttercable Port

Due to the face that I don't yet have a remote shuttercable for my D50 I had to build my own for testing purpose. I had the male 2.5 headphone connector but not the 2-step button. So I came up with the brilliant idea of building my own 2-step button from 2 different miniature buttons with different torque. This is my final test-cable and it works great. When pressing the ”combined buttons” the smaller button (less torque) gets pressed first, simulating focus, and then when the larger button finally gets pressed (greater torque) shutter is released.
Not a good-looking cable but I hope the idea comes in hand for someone else!