Introduction: Adding Photos to an Album

After making your photo album (you can buy a kit from ) you will want to add some photos! You can follow this Instructable to get a beautiful album. You can add as much or as little as you would like to your album. Be creative! You can get some inspiration here:

Step 1: Materials

To get started you will need to clear yourself a table, turn off the phone, and get ready to get crafty!
You will also need:
Finished album
Template included with album or kit (3 3/4 inch square of cardstock)
6-24 photos
Glue or other adhesive (acid-free!)
Scissors or paper cutter
Cut papers (6) 4 inch squares & (24) 4 inch triangles (may have been included in your kit)
Embellishments: ribbon, stamps, stickers, punches

Step 2: Cut Photos

Prepare your photos for your album by cutting them with the template* included in your kit. Position the template over your photo. Be sure to include all the important parts of the image! If you have a tricky image, you can hold up the photo and template to the window to find the right position. Once you have it in position, trace the edges of the template with your pencil. You can also cut smaller photos to fit into the triangle portions of your album. Use your template folded in half to make this easier.

*You can make one yourself with a 3 3/4 inch square of cardstock.

Step 3: Glue Photos

You can glue your photos directly to the album or to a decorative square or triangle. For this instructable, I glued the photos to the decorative papers, then added them to the album. Be sure to get good coverage with your glue or adhesive. Repeat this with all the photos you would like to add to your album.

Step 4: Journal and Embellishments

The triangles in your album are a great place to add embellishments and journaling. Add interesting comments about your photos, ticket stubs from events, or other interesting things. You can use your template to keep your writing in a straight line.

Step 5: Arrange Squares and Triangles

Once you have cut your photos, added them to the decorative papers and finished your journaling, you are ready to add all of your parts to your album. I recommend laying them all out and deciding on each position before gluing. This way you can change your mind and make the layout perfect!

Step 6: Glue, Glue, Glue!

Now you are ready to glue in each decorative paper. Make sure you get good coverage with the glue, without going over the edges. Be sure to press down, so your papers adhere well.

Step 7: Step Back and Admire

Great Job! I hope you enjoyed making something beautiful.