Introduction: Additive Holder

It is really hard to manage additives after class by using any holder you can stack them and manage them


Wooden ply
Colour full papers
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Cutting Parts

First you need to figure out how big box you want to create according to that Mark dimensions on the ply and cut them

Step 2: Creating Box

After cutting all parts of the box it's time to arrange them back stick them using screw and hot glue gun

Step 3: Creating Logo

It's always look good to have a logo of your organisation, so if you want to put logo of your organisation and institution you can stick it

Step 4: Creating Partition

After creating box create partitions to stack your additives

Step 5: Cover It With Colour Full Papers or Paint It

After completing your box it's time to make it presentable

Step 6: Result

Here you are free ready to stack tape to arrange them

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