Introduction: Adjustable Solar Car Panel Holder (D.I.Y)

The angle of the solar panel is important inorder to absorb the most energy.
To buy a custom make one will cost a bomb, but here is one easy way to make it with card board, a bolt & 3 nuts.

Step 1: Determine the Dimension

1- Measure the height of the stand base on the longest edge of the solar panel.
*Measure so that the stand is in the middle of the panel.

2- HALF cut the bending edge...Do NOT cut through, it is meant to bend.

3- Tape along the HALF cut area so as to prevent further tearing.

4- Measure the location of the hole for the bolt to go through.

5- Use a hole puncher to make the 2 holes (for M6 Bolt)

Step 2: Make the Platform for Attaching Solar Panel

1- When measuring the internal width of this platform, remember to minus away the thickness of the cardboard! (in my case is 1mm x 2 =2mm)

2- Also do a HALF cut along the bending edges.

3- Tape the HALF cut area.

4- Use some double sided tapes if you require on the top part fo the platform.

Step 3: Prepare Bolt & Nuts

1- I am using M6 bolt (1 pc) and M6 nuts (3pcs)

Step 4: Assembly of the Platform to the Stand

This is simple, no need to elaborate...