Adjustable Solar Car Panel Holder (D.I.Y)




Introduction: Adjustable Solar Car Panel Holder (D.I.Y)

The angle of the solar panel is important inorder to absorb the most energy.
To buy a custom make one will cost a bomb, but here is one easy way to make it with card board, a bolt & 3 nuts.

Step 1: Determine the Dimension

1- Measure the height of the stand base on the longest edge of the solar panel.
*Measure so that the stand is in the middle of the panel.

2- HALF cut the bending edge...Do NOT cut through, it is meant to bend.

3- Tape along the HALF cut area so as to prevent further tearing.

4- Measure the location of the hole for the bolt to go through.

5- Use a hole puncher to make the 2 holes (for M6 Bolt)

Step 2: Make the Platform for Attaching Solar Panel

1- When measuring the internal width of this platform, remember to minus away the thickness of the cardboard! (in my case is 1mm x 2 =2mm)

2- Also do a HALF cut along the bending edges.

3- Tape the HALF cut area.

4- Use some double sided tapes if you require on the top part fo the platform.

Step 3: Prepare Bolt & Nuts

1- I am using M6 bolt (1 pc) and M6 nuts (3pcs)

Step 4: Assembly of the Platform to the Stand

This is simple, no need to elaborate...

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    If you can do that with cardboard you can do that with sheet metal. Very nice and clean, and well thought out.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Wow... nice photos and clear instructions. This design is so simple and sturdy looking. Impressive!


    15 years ago

    Add some motors, a photo sensor to this and that crazy simple curcuit that was used in the electronic sunflower and you could make this rotate to follow the sun on its own easy as pie. I reckon the panel poining to the sun would give more energy then it would without rotation, even with the added powering of the motors.


    Reply 15 years ago

    Actually the motor is on the underside (hidden). I am using a Macbuchi Solar motor. I have to connect 2 panels in parallel cos there is not enough current to supply the motor to drive the car.