Introduction: Adjustable Wooden Lamp

Adjustable table lamp made from scrap wood and christmas ornament.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following materials:

Scrap plywood and wood blocks

Christmas ornament


Cord with plug

Lightbulb (preferably LED)

Step 2: Lamp Body

On a plywood, measure and draw:

Nine 1" by 4" rectangles

Two 2" by 5" rectangles

One 5" by 5" rectangle

Using a saw or another wood tool, cut out the rectangles.

Using wood glue, attach the rectangles together as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Lamp Base

On a 1 1/2" or thicker wood block draw and measure:

7" by 1 1/2" rectangle

Three 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" square

Cut out the rectangle and squares.

Using wood glue, attach the rectangle and square together as shown in the photo.

As Cut out three rectangles across the center of the wood base according to the thickness of the lamp body.

Drill three holes in each of the section, and create keys on the bottom of the lamp body.

Step 4: Lamp Shade

Cut out a circle on one side of the Christmas ornament.

Measure the diameter of your socket, and cut out a circle on the other of the ornament according to the diameter of your socket.

On a plywood, measure and draw:

2" by 4" rectangle

2 1/2" by 1 1/2" rectangle

4" by 1/2" rectangle

2" by 1/2" rectangle

Drill a hole (diameter of your socket) in the center of the 2" by 4" rectangle.

Using wood glue, attach the pieces together as shown in the photo.

Using hot glue, attach the christmas ornament and bulb socket on each side of the wood piece as shown in the photo.

Step 5: Connecting the Wires

Connect the wire set to the socket
How to wire:
Unscrew the gold and the silver screw from the socket.
Wrap one end of the wire to the gold screw and the other wire to the silver screw.
Screw in the two ends back into its original place.

Step 6: Adjustable Lamp

Now, you have a table lamp that you can adjust the height and angle of the light.