Introduction: Advanced CMD Troubleshooting for the IT Pro

If you haven't carried out forensic analysis on Wi-Fi then this amazing tool from Microsoft {Gloriously buried in CMD} will save you time and also give you amazing detailed view on your network. Do you want to see all the secret SSIDs in your area, how they are broadcasting and their profile types?

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Step 1: Secret CMD Forensic Tool for Deep Network Analysis

Wi-Fi is everywhere but until you use the tool I am about to show you, you would miss aspects of the available features like the authentication types, encryption, signal strength, radio type, etc.

Windows Key + Run > Type cmd

Show Available Wi-Fi's From CMD

From the Command Line Type:

C:\>netsh wlan show networks
  • SSID 3 : SKY84FCF
    Network type : Infrastructure
  • Authentication : WPA2-Personal
  • Encryption : CCMP

To show which interface is connected currently to a Wi-Fi network on your computer type the following;

C:\>netsh wlan show interfaces
  1. Name : Wireless Network Connection
  2. SSID : EE-BrightBox-bridge
  3. Receive rate (Mbps) : 72.2
    Transmit rate (Mbps) : 72.2
  4. Signal : 100%

Go ahead and play with the most powerful CMD tool Netsh for your troubleshooting.