Introduction: Advanced Scary Effect Turorial: Monster/Ghost Optical Illusion With Filmora

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Wanna make DIY some scary videos and prank on your friends? Today, I'm going to show you some ideas to create scary effects like human centipedes or head off, with Filmora green screen. More info.

Step 1: Shoot a Footage in Front of Green Screen

Remember to move slowly and keep your head steady.

Step 2: Apply Green Screen in Filmora

And cut out the unwanted parts with mask effect.

Voila, there you have your head off your neck!

Step 3: Shoot Another Footage in Front of Green Backdrop

Step 4: Apply Green Screen in Filmora Again

Drag the same clip into multiple PIP track. You are a alien waving countless arms now!

Finally, export them!!

Hope you like the tutorial and have fun creating scary effects in your videos!