Adventure Time Sword

Introduction: Adventure Time Sword

How to make Finn's sword from adventure time out of an old hockey stick.



A hockey stick

A saw

Yellow, black, red, and blue paint

Step 1: Cut the Hockey Stick

I found this hockey stick in the trash, the blade part should be cut at about 2 feet long. The Hilt should be about 6 inches and the handle should be 7-8 inches. Don't forget to cut the ridges and the point if the blade.

Step 2: Paint

I first painted the black with primer so the logo wouldn't show through on the yellow paint. And I painted the handle black. Then from there paint the blade yellow, and paint blue on the handle and a red ruby on the bottom of the handle

Step 3: Assemble

Screw it all together and add the finishing touches of black to the blade and you now have a freshly recycled hockey stick sword! Enjoy!

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