Affordable and Fun Halloween Project

Introduction: Affordable and Fun Halloween Project

Since you have clicked on this I'm guessing you want to make a fun, halloween inspired decoration that will not break the bank. That was the assignment my robotics teacher gave us and that's exactly what this entails.

A quick list of needed supplies:

  • solder iron and solder
  • your color preference of two led's
  • 3 resistors
  • 2 capacitors
  • 2 transistors
  • battery pack that can soldered on
  • led extension cables
  • motherboard thats applicable
  • any halloween orientated object that has cargo space for these materials
  • drill or awl

Here are the links to needed parts:

The tools can be found at any Home Depot or Lowes. I got the prop at a dollar store but I'm sure they sell similar at party city and stores of that kind.

Step one:

Solder all the components on to the board. If you don't know how to solder there are youtube videos should give you a basic idea.

Step two:

Poke or drill holes in the prop with a drill bit or awl. insert the led lights into this spot. I put them where the eyes were as this makes the most sense but put them wherever you think will work best.

Step three:

Now for maximum attractiveness hide the components somewhere in the prop so they cant be seen. My prop is a cup so doing this was easy. If your prop does not have a ready made place to store this you might have to get creative. A knife can be used to make needed space.

All in all this fun project should not cost more than 20 dollars and it shouldnt take more than a couple hours.

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    6 years ago

    This looks cool :)