Introduction: Agate Burnisher / Folder for Paper

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I enjoy working with paper; I use a steel burnisher and a bone folder to make crisp folds. I wanted to add some odd shape burnishers to my tool box. Making some out of stone (agate) fits the bill. Having a few agates lying around, I made different sizes and shapes. This is what I wanted to share in this instructables.

Step 1: Sliced Potatoes

Agates that I use can be found in Michigan. I tell people to look for a stone that looks like a potatoe. You can hold them up to a strong light to see what is inside as far as patterns. For this application of making burnishers, I can use almost any part of the agate. Agates are very hard and polish to a very smooth finish. I use a large diamond saw to cut the agate into slabs.

Step 2: Cutting Down the Slabs to a Smaller Size

Then I cut the slaps down on a smaller diamond saw.

The closer I get to the sizes I want, the less I have to do on the grinders.

I am cutting the slabs to be under 2 inches square, so they can fit comfortably in my palm of my hand.

Step 3: Grinding and Polishing

I start by using an 80 grit diamond wheel (with lots of water) to shape the small slab.

I focus on just a few edges that I want to use for burnishing.

The other edges I smooth for comfort. So there is a lot of stopping to see how it feels in my hand.

I move from one grit wheel to another, till I get to an 1200 grit polish wheel.

The final treatment is using Cerium polishing wheel, just on the burnish edge for final smooth finish.

Step 4: Adding a Wood Handle

With one of the agates, I added a 3/8 inch diameter by 3 ¾ inch long wood handle.

A 7/16 inch diameter brass ferrule was added.

I put a small drop of all purpose glue on the stone, then used pliers to close the brass ferrule around the agate.

Pictured is my quick holding fixture for gluing.

Step 5: Finished

A picture of some of my different size and shape agate burnishers.

Thanks for viewing.

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