AgroIoT With Intel Edison (Intel IoT)

Introduction: AgroIoT With Intel Edison (Intel IoT)

Agriculture Business is one of the important business in India. Every farmer put his efforts to maintain the crops and it starts from plantation to selling in to market.

In this entire cycle he needs to observe different parameters of nature which helps them to improve the life of crops.But in India it is really hard to normal farmer to measure all parameter on periodic base since it is not economic and easy.

So AgroIoT is one of the solution for farmers where they can monitor the farm condition using their samrtphone. He can observe the different parameter like moisture, Temperature, humidity etc.and make the decision.

In this solution we have used the following things,

1) Intel Edison Board

2) Sensors

3) smartphone mobile app (over smartphone)

The sensor will get the data from field and using edison it will send over internet.These information will received by the app over smartphone where farmer can monitor the parameters.

In the current project we have used the 2 senors and those are temperature. humidity. We can monitir different parameters by adding more sensors.

App development can be done in any of the free app developer which are available on internet.

The next step of this project is to put the data over cloud and analyse the different weather parameters which will to farmers to take the decision about crops. For e.g Which crops can be plant, how much water needs etc.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

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    This is a great idea. By monitoring individual fields the farmer can apply treatments only where they are necessary.