Introduction: Air Filter Covid-19 Mask

We have all heard of the corona virus and a great way to defend against it is a face mask. In this instructable I will show you how to make masks that help block .1 micron viruses. these masks will go to healthcare workers in Springfield, MO. Enjoy making and stay safe!

Please Note: These masks are not a replacement for social distancing. Stay at home and only leave when absolutely necessary. P lease protect the elderly and immunocompromised. Thank You.


Step 1: Front Half 1

Cut you tee shirt to a manageable shape where it can lay flat and there is plenty of area to trace your templates. on your tee shirt trace the piece shown above. cut it out and bring it to your sewing machine.

Step 2: Front Half 2

fold in half and sew along the whole curved part that they are connected at. You now have the whole front half.

Step 3: Back Half 1

cut off the legs of your pantyhose then cut them in half. they should now be strips. Trace the pattern that looks like half of the front pattern on to them. Cut the piece out ( this may be difficult try stretching the strips for easier cutting).

Step 4: Back Half 2

pin the nylon piece to the inside of your front half on the corrosponding side sew together evert thing except the inside curve.

Step 5: Back Half 3

Do the same thing that you did in the previous step but make sure that there is plenty of room on the big curve because you will be extending it about 1 inch. Yours can be neater than mine but it doesn't really matter as long as its the right size.

Step 6: Back Half 4

Pin it to the other half of the inside of the mask this time there should be excess that covers the gap. sew it down sitll leaving the curved part open.

Step 7: Nose Piece

Get your pipe cleaner and glue gun. cut your pipe cleaner to a 2.5 in segment. bend it to an about 90 degree angle and glue it to the nose of your mask.

Step 8: Ear Hoops

Set your sewing machine to zigzag with a tight grouping. sew the rubber bands down using those settings. I would recommend setting your rubber bands closer to the middle and top than I did because these were a little big for some.

Step 9: Filter 1

pull all the wires and cardboard away from the filter and lay flat. double it over and trace the front half template onto it and cut it out.

Step 10: Filter 2

put the filter in left side first by inserting into the nylon pocket make sure it reaches all the edges. Do the same on the right side then you are finished with your mask!

Step 11: Patterns

To make the patterns required for this instructable create two of the back half patterns and face them towards each other with some overlap around the top middle you now have your pattern.

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