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Introduction: Airsoft Guide Optimus Maximus

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This is my very first instructable so please bare with me and please leave suggestions. This is a guide for what you need for airsoft.

Step 1: Primary

The first thing you need is a primary gun. I play with different groups of people and one of them uses spring rifles if they are lucky and sometimes only spring pistols. This is a bad idea unless you have $40 to spend and you are new to airsoft. I use a BlackOps m4 Viper assault rifle as my primary. It costed $100 but is completely worth it if your serious.

Step 2: Secondary

For a secondary I recommend a sub-machine gun but I use a CO2 pistol also made by BlackOps that I got for $24 and it has been a great gun. Secondaries can vary a lot those are only my preferences. You can use spring, gas, or electric for secondary as long as it's small and reliable.

Step 3: Extra Guns

You can never have too many guns unless you are trying to sneak. I recommend something small like a miniature spring pistol that you can conceal in the small of your back so no one knows that you still have a gun. For my extra guns i use a Mossberg 560 shotgun and a Mossberg compact .45 and a bigger spring pistol.

Step 4: Extra Weaponry

This can be anything from grenades to tripwires. I don't recommend trip wires because someone can bust their face open. But aside from that if it is attached to a grenade pin the it's alright because it doesn't actually trip them. Grenades are super useful for multikills, clearing buildings, disorientation, taking out whole squads, or just trying to get away. R/C cars with cameras are useful for spying on the other team or hearing their plans. R/C cars with guns can be a major game changer because you don't have to risk getting shot.

Step 5: Gear

You need extra gear whether it be extra ammo, mags, camo, or just bags to carry all your stuff in. For big airsoft wars I use a sports duffel bag. Also when playing in the woods you need good camo, even though it doesn't make you invisible it can make you very hard to see as long as you sit still. I strongly recommend getting swiss camo from an army surplus for it is the best camo I have seen and it is quite affordable. Also I swear the swiss people love to carry around enough to survive at all times, for the swiss army knife has tons of uses, swiss camo has about 25 pockets on one set of clothes. You can be the walking arsenal for your team and be the best hidden. If you look at swiss camo you won't think that it would work well but believe me, when my dad and I are hunting and he is coming back to pick me up I can only see the movement of the brush as he walks through it. Another example is when I was having an airsoft war one time one guy walked up a big ridge and we all knew he was there and so we all dropped to the ground and all of us wearing camo but I was the only one he couldn't see and my friend was wearing some camo that looked extremely realistic. I also recommend extra mags especially if you are kind of that trigger happy one that is on every team. Also you have to have lots of ammo. I recommend a bottle of 2000 .20 gram with an easy pour spout. Also put ammo in medicine bottles this is very useful especially if you are a spy or scout and don't want to carry much. Tip: put a rag on top of the bbs in the bottle to keep them from rattling.

Step 6: Team

Now that you have everything together go ahead and find a team to join or lead. If you are joining a team then make sure their policy is something you can fit in with. Also always listen to your general because he will know what to do when things go down hill. If you are creating a team then get a group of friends that are loyal and will follow your instructions. Go ahead and vote on a team name and positions based on weaponry and skills. For example if you have a guy that is fast and can climb good but only has a pistol or sub-machine gun have them be a scout or spy. Or obviously if someone has a sniper then they should be a sniper. If someone has a very large AEG they should be a heavy arms or a rifleman. Most other positions can easily be covered with regular AEGs. Also it is sometimes a good idea to have a grenadier who obviously deals mostly in grenades but it is a good idea to have a pistol or small sub-machine gun. For scouts, spies, and grenadiers I recommend sub-machine guns because if you get trapped, surrounded, or ambushed you are going to want to spray bullets and run not shoot a bullet every second. Also motivate your team such as if they do really well rank them up to a higher military rank because this will make them strive to be good.

Step 7: Practice

This is important if your team is going to be competent you need to be able to use your guns as well as physically get in shape. Set up an obstacle course in you back yard and have your friends come over and run it with you. Keep track of the times it takes and soon it will be a big competition and they will get in shape faster if they try their best. Also set up a shooting range in your back yard or basement. Save old boxes and paper and other things and set them up and shoot them. Maybe turn that into a competition too because everybody likes a competition otherwise they wouldn't play airsoft. Also have little skirmishes in your yard. make different rules so it teaches them something. For example give them one mag and this will teach them to conserve ammo. Or practice tossing things about the same size and weight of a grenade through a window or door. Practice ricocheting them off of objects to get them to go where you want. Then once they get good at the obstacle course put all of their gear or backpacks full of rocks and make them run it to make them be able to do it with a load. Also do different things like hip shooting or prone shooting, shooting from a weird angle. Also tie a rope to a big tree limb and toe the other end to a target and let it swing and shoot at it. This helps with moving targets.

Step 8: Safety

Always wear eye protection.

Never aim for someones face.

Don't get too powerful of a gun.

Play safe.

Step 9: THE END!


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