Easy Airsoft Powder Horn

Introduction: Easy Airsoft Powder Horn

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Why I Made This

A couple days ago when I was taking a walk I found the skull of our family's long-deceased cow, I picked the skull up by one of its horns but the horn just slid off. I thought it looked pretty cool and decided to make something out of it so I came up with this. Most people don't usually have cow skulls laying around but you might be able to get a cow horn from your local butcher if you really want to make this.

Step 1: What You Will Need

For Cutting and Cleaning the Horn:

1. Bone saw (or pretty much any saw)

2. A disposable container filled with water (like a sour cream container)

3. Hydrogen peroxide (or some other disinfectant)

4. Pipe cleaners (optional for cleaning inside horn)

5. Bristle brush (optional for cleaning inside horn)

6. Dremmel with buffing wheel (optional)

Step 2: What You Will Need

For Making the Caps:

(If you want to make the caps for the two sides of the horns these are the materials, if you are going to make your own caps then you don't need this list)

1. Leather or faux leather (plus sewing equipment, needle, thread)

2. Lid for a sour cream container

3. Hot glue gun

4. Sharp knife (I would recommend a hobby knife)

Step 3: First Things First

Ok so first you are going to cut off around 1/2 inch off the small end of the horn or just enough till there is a hole on the small end of the horn. Then you need to enlarge the hole, I used a screwdriver with a Philips bit but I'm sure you can use a drill bit or something else. Make sure the hole is large enough to let a 6mm airsoft bb through very easily.

Step 4: Second Things Second

Now before you do anything else make sure the horn is clean. I poured a container full of water through it and then sprayed the entire thing with hydrogen peroxide, sprayed it off with vinegar, used a bristle brush to get off all loose bits of bone on the outside, poured water over it and then I polished it off with a Dremmel buffing wheel. I don't currently have any pipe cleaners right now but if I did I would have cleaned the inside of the horn with those too.

Step 5: Last Things Last

Last of all you will need to make a cap for both ends of the horn but because I'm not very good at writing and this is a pretty hard part to explain please refer to the pictures. Thanks!!!

Step 6: FINISHED!!!!

This took around two hours altogether. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns then please let me know in the comments section.



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