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Introduction: Airsoft,Paintball,Land Mine.

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Built from a small and simple amount of tools and parts,adds a new element to your airsoft/paintballing,as you can set up small minefields to protect your bunker,ruin etc.

Fun and safe to a degree,however i am not responsible for anything you do with these fun little and easy to make things,anything you undertake is your own responsibility. 

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed.

Tools Needed:

: x1 Cardboard piece, x1 SuperGlue, x1 Yogurt pot/other domed plastic pot, x1 drinkingbottle top, x2 Color of Electronic Wire, x1 Switch/Push Button, x1 Duel Battery Pack and connector,x1 Dark Colored Paint Green Black etc,x1 E-Match.

: x1 Boxcutter with razor blades,x1 Scissors,x1 Duct Tape,x1 Old Paintbrush,x1 Multimeter battery tester...

Step 2: Construction How To.

First of cut a small hole in the dome part of the desert pot,and then the drinking bottle top,close to the diameter of the push button switch.

Next Cut a Square Battery pack shaped hole in the Cardboard with a boxcutter,and scissors,strip your wires with a wire stripper or the scissors,and connect 2 small pieces of wire to the switch before you screw/glue it in place inside the drinking bottle top,
Now attach the connector lead for the battery pack itself To One of these wires and the other let hang freely but extend out more,Test with a multimeter to get confirmation that your wiring is good,now the electrics are done,cover the cardboard base in a few layers of duct tape.

Lastly use Superglue to glue the dome to the base and the switch top,to the dome,wait for it to dry and do it again,just to make sure,let it dry once more,and Cover the whole thing in a few coats of Dark colored Paint,let dry and your done.
Now connect to the wires a E-match etc and have a play with it connecting this and that,strobe lights would be a good idea for example and unmistakable at night,have fun using this in your games of airsoft paintball so on.

Step 3: Finished Airsoft/Paintball Mine and Testing.

Painted up and ready to go,try find a suitable shaped container for your mine.

Check Video for the test of the finished Mine Connected to an E-match and Sparkler the E-match Ignites all but instantly,sadly the sparkler never worked as the match did not burn long enough none the less worked perfectly enjoy and be careful.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    was taken in a dark room is all,.


    9 years ago on Step 2

    why use supper glue when u need to use hot glue that way your device doesnt become single use.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Could do that yeah will on my next one good idea!