Introduction: Airwatcher - Air Stations

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I made a project to measure temperature , humidity and air quality of 3 rooms. The clients send data to reciever via NRF24L01+PA+LNA Transrecievers and webserver draws graphs using google charts.

used parts :

Arduino Nano v3.0 buy

DTH22 Temperature & Humidity Sensors buy

MQ135 Air Quality Sensors buy

NRF24L01+PA+LNA Transrecievers. buy

5V to 3.3V voltage regulators buy

Arduino Nano Ethernet Module buy

micro usb connector buy

Orange PI Zero (for webserver) buy

Step 1: Client and Server Circuits

There are 2 different circuit diagram for Clients and Server.

After making working prototypes I drawed the circuit on and ordered PCBs.

These are in very high quality !

Step 2: Client and Server PCBs

The values are recieved by server and pushing them to PHP Webserver.

Web Server uses Sqlite lightweight database to store datas.

You can also generate the same PCB(s) with using gerber files in the attachment.

Step 3: Graphs

There are graph pages which are ;

  • Last Temperature , Humidity , Air Pollution values
  • Last 7 days - Historical data of Temperature
  • Last 7 days - Historical data of Humidity
  • Last 7 days - Historical data of Air Pollution

Step 4: PHP Webserver

Install a php web server on a pc / single board computer. Then replace the /var/www/ folder with the following SVN repository

Thanks a lot...

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