Introduction: Alarm Clock: Special Ringtone, Very Effective

Hello everyone!
it's for me the first time I post a instructables, sorry for my low level in English :) Here is an awakening to help those who go back to sleep in the morning. The principle is quite simple, rather than being woken up by a ringtone or a music, watch the time, say that we still have 10 minutes and go back to sleep, this awakening does not make a gift: it emits 1 single beep of 2 sec then nothing for 1 min. It will emit 10 beeps (1 per min) then nothing! The detail that in my opinion makes all the difference is that during these 10min it is impossible to display the time. So you wake up saying "not now" and wait for the next beep, you can even go back to sleep without worry. After a while, as you can not display the time and you do not know how much there was beep, lest the 10 have passed and that you back to sleep deeply, you get up without difficulty because you have no other possibility :D

Step 1: Material List

- Arduino Nano

- Afficheur LED Alpha-numérique en I2C (
- Module Real Time Clock (

- Transistor NPN

- Buzzer 5v

Step 2: Arduino Code

see attached file


Step 3: Thanks You

I think you have to use it a short week for the brain to learn to respond to beeps, but it's quite bluffing.

Thanks for reading me :)

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