Introduction: Alcohol Ink Garden Markers

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Just because it's a quick gift doesn't mean it's not a great gift. Garden or not these adorable tile markers look great in just about any setting, from simple small potted plants to full-size gardens. They inject a creative yet useful element. Did I mention customizable?

Alcohol inks are the very ink that is in permanent markers and can be used on lots of solid surfaces and is waterproof, however, you should seal it. This will help ensure that it won't come off on something and ruin it.

These inks are all the craze and its because they are not only versatile they are gorgeous.

So join me in creating eye-catching Alcohol Ink Garden Markers.

Step 1: Gather the Goods

Give yourself a nice work area.

91% Alcohol

Can of spray air or straws etc.

Clear Acrylic spray with a UV protectant

2" x 8" glazed subway tiles ( you can use other sizes these work well for markers)

Alcohol Inks( Zig, Jacquard, Ranger) I use all types. See Instructable for making your own.

Lettering( Stickers, Rub-on, Vinyl cut etc.)

Paper towels


Craft knife

Masking tape


ball tool (not necessary)

permanent marker (not necessary)

Step 2: Preparing the Tile

You want to clean the surface of the tile with plain alcohol. This removes dirt and oils.

Next, you will want to mask off area for lettering. Now I like my letter area to be light colored with dark lettering, but this is really your choice. I used vinyl lettering because it is quick and can be changed out later on if needed.

The lettering was cut with a rectangle box around it. By doing both at the same time it simplifies the process and both are placed on at the same time and then after all the painting is complete, you only need to peel up the rectangle area. This is called weeding the vinyl. Place the vinyl on, rub it down well ( called burnishing).

Please see the picture.

Step 3: Time for Color

There are simply NO mistakes here.

You may want to wear gloves it is ink, alcohol will help clean it off if on your hands.

You can drop color, blow color, brush color, stamp color and if it doesn't look like you want it to wipe off with alcohol.

For this design, put a small drop than with the canned air, do a short burst of air as you move the can away from you.

Rotate the tile and continue with other colors. Gold gives a really neat look.

For even more details use a ball tool or brush dipped in color or alcohol to create multiple layers and patterns.

Use Permanent markers to draw designs if you like.

No limits so use your imagination.

Step 4: The Reveal

After the inks have dried ( doesn't take long). Take a pin or tip of a craft knife and peel up the rectangle piece of vinyl being careful not to peel up the letters. The letters stay but may need to weed out the centers of some letters. I like to press them down again to make sure they are on good.

You could fill the area with another color and then peel up letters to have the letters white, that is up to you.

Alcohol Inks are dye based and will tend to fade in the sun so we spray a UV protectant on them to help seal and protect.

There you have it Alcohol Ink Garden Markers Great as gifts or simply to educate and decorate your own garden.

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