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Introduction: Alexa Go Go With RPi 3_part_1

About: As a young kid, my curiosity in electronics was compelling.... why does thunder interrupt the radio reception? ....why does ROBOTs run without any wire?.... and I've been hooked on making thing ever since.

I am figuring about the AI ROBOT platform with RPi 3 out.

And control the Alexa Go Go wirelessly.

i use arduino nano controlling the wheels with servo
and dc-motor controlling by the remoter(part_4).

maybe there are someone wondering about the IR remoter

that is not smart enough. so that i make with an

Alexa to drive it from upon the cloud.

means, to control the moving of the robot using voice command .

Step 1: Material

RPi 3 * 1

MIC * 1

USB sound card * 1

dc-motor gear * 1

micro servo motor * 1

screw * 9

BBQ stick * 1

RPi 3 * 1

AAA battery * 4

AAA battery holder * 2

3.7 v Li battery(18650) * 1

3.7 v battery (18650)holder * 1

IR rcvr (arduino module) * 1

IR remoter(arduino module ) * 1

RY1 : Solid State Relay * 2

RY 2, 3 : relay 5 v * 2

TR 1, 2 : 2N 3904 * 2

D 1, 2 : IN 4148 * 2

C 1 : 100 uF * 1

C 2 : 0.01 uF * 1 (for bypass noise)

R1 : 10 K OHM * 1

R 4,5 : 1 K OHM * 2

PCB * 1

mini breadboard * 1(prototype use)

Step 2: Make Alexa's Legs

Step 3: Install RPi 3 to Set Up Alexa

Install RPi 3 to Desktop

1. RPI 3 * 1 (as Alexa's body)

2. HDTV * 1(FOR setup Alexa & as her mouth)

3. USB MIC * 1 (as Alexa's ear)

4. wireless keyboard & mouse * 1(FOR setup Alexa)

reference link :

Step 4: Set Up the Ngrok to Interchange to the Cloud

5. you need to build a security tunnel from the cloud to your RPi 3.

Visit and get the latest Linux ARM release as a zip

and unzip inside the home directory:

unzip /home/pi/ngrok-stable-linux-arm.zipNext,

run : sudo ./ngrok http 5000 (to run in memory)

Your screen should look like the image above. Note the 'Forwarding' URL that starts with https, it will be used later.

Note: Unfortunately the ngrok URL changes every time the service is started so it is not a permanent solution if you are trying to run this full time. I'd recommend a service like Yaler or Page Kite if you need a more permanent URL to use with your new Skill.

6. Python Script Open a new terminal session and create a new python file named

edit : nano


run : sudo python (to run in memory)

Step 5: Assembling a Robot Platform

Step 6: Connect Your Alexa on the Platform

Step 7: Testing With Your Keyboard

Step 8: Testing the Code With Alexa Upon the Cloud

run : sudo python (to run in memory)

because of that this file use flask to control , so

if you don't have it you need to

install flask:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

sudo apt-get install python2.7-dev python-dev python-pip

sudo pip install Flask flask-ask

Step 9: Test Run

connecting RPi 3 and robot platform together.

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