Introduction: Alexa Go Go With RPi 3_part_2

About: As a young kid, my curiosity in electronics was compelling.... why does thunder interrupt the radio reception? ....why does ROBOTs run without any wire?.... and I've been hooked on making thing ever since.

I am figuring about the AI ROBOT platform with RPi 3 out.

And control the Alexa Go Go wirelessly. i use raspberry pi 3 to control

the wheels with servo and dc-motor to control by the voice(Alexa go go part_1).

maybe there are someone wondering about the voice traved that is not far enough. and

both echo can interrupting receiption and voice volume too small to hear from Alexa.

but how next !?

so that i make with an Alexa to drive it from upon the cloud with distance

token her ear from her body away to me for asking.

means, to control the moving of the robot platform wireless with distance.

Step 1: Keywords


AI robot


interactive robot

interactive robot platform

reference link:

+ distance state missile

this project name


1) a cell-phone (as her new ear).

2) a wifi dangle (for remove RPi 3 ).

3) a pi zero(it's not nessary RPi 3 here for installing pi zero only).

reference link:

Step 2: Install App for Your Phone

1) go to the google play download Reverb for Amazon Alexa.

2) install Reverb for Amazon Alexa into your phone.

Step 3: Remove Her Mouth and Ear

1) unplug MIC.

2) unplug USB sound card.

3) unplug speakers.

the truth here is :

1) Alexa's head is in the cloud.

2) Alexa's body was virtualized.

3) her mouth and ear every where by the way internet !

4) she always hear you if you away from her body,

no matter how you take your cell-phone away !

just as loud and clear !

Step 4: Cut Her Head Off the Cloud

it is no need to keep her head outer there !

because of your mobile have had another mouth, ear and

head already in the cloud~

Step 5: Remove Her Physically Head (RPi 3) Away

by the way~ if you are good at python and flask,
you could also remove her from physically head (RPi3) away.

connecting to Alexa-go-go (pi zero) via your cell-phone's VNC

or via your RPi 3's VNC as a station then.

Step 6: Test Drive


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