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Introduction: Alien Abduction Hand Art

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Inspired by the Alien Abduction face paint created by Ashley Pickin, I am going to show you how to adapt it into a hand art. This adaption is truly "out of this world"!

Step 1: Make the Scene

First, I began by using Light Green, and a mix of Lagoon Blue and Mauve to make the background for my space abduction scene. Then, I used a bit of white to make the base for my UFO.

Sorry, I left a bit of my hand blank, but all of that is going to be filled with color. So, stay tuned for the next few steps.

Step 2: Add an Alien

Now, I went back to my Light Green to place my alien inside the UFO leaving enough space on the middle for the one eye.

Step 3: Add Features

Next, I used more white to add stars, and the blast effect from underneath the UFO, with a little bit of Light Blue. Then, I used Storm Cloud to bring out the dimension into the UFO.

After that, I used even more white, this time for the lights going across the middle of the UFO, as well as Yellow for the bottom lights. Then, I filled in the one eye on the alien, and added a swirl underneath the UFO to make the vibrato effects of the abduction.

Step 4: Finish Off

Then, I finished off my alien abduction scene, by adding a little person being abducted from underneath the UFO, as well as add the inside of the alien's eye, and outline the entire scenario with Black. Then, I added a small highlight in the eye (you'll get to see that in the final image).

Step 5: Beware of Aliens

Now, this scenario is ready to be called "out of this world"!

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