Introduction: Alien-Glow House Plant Hanger

Want a unique way to store your plants, that glows in the dark, then this may be the Instructable for you.

Step 1: Items Needed

You will need the following items:

  • Water beads
  • Glow in the dark paint
  • Lampshade with a bar, or something to hang string on.
  • Empty bottle
  • Scissors
  • Needle or puncturing device
  • String
  • Small house plant
  • (Optional) flower petals
  • (Optional) plant food
  • (Optional) PVA Glue

Get a container which can be used for mixing, I have used a beaker

Step 2: Mix Paint

Add water to your beaker, I have half filed it.

Choose your glow in the dark paint and scoop some out using a spoon or other device and mix it in with the water, the water should turn cloudy.

Step 3: Add Water Beads

Locate your water beads and add around 30 - 50 to the solution

Step 4: Add Plant Food

Add some plant food to the solution.

You can now leave this to sit for around 4 hours.

Step 5: Cut Bottle in Half

Locate an empty bottle and cut it in half, keeping the bottom half.

Step 6: Poke Holes

Using a needle, poke 2 pinholes at the top of the bottle, either side of each other.

Step 7: (Optional) Decorate the Lid of Your Bottle

We will now decorate the bottle lid with flower petals, select some petals from your garden, cover the lid in glue, stick the petals onto the lid, add another layer of clear PVA glue over the petals to preserve them.

Step 8: Thread String

Using a need and string, sew the string through a hole in one side of the bottle which we made earlier, the string length should be about the same size as the bottle. The same should be done to the other hole also. Cut the string and tie a knot in it to attach it to the bottle.

Step 9: Add Water Beads to Bottle

Now that your water beads have soaked up the solution, add them to the bottle

Step 10: Add House Plant

Find your houseplant or cutting and plant it in the bottle. The root should be around half way down so that it doesn't get waterlogged when adding water.

Step 11: Tie to Lampshade

Use the string attached to your bottle to tie it onto your lampshade, lampshades with a bar on them work best for this. The glow in the dark solution should charge up from daylight during the day as well as when the light is switched on. It's ok to leave extra water solution in the bottle as this will be soaked up eventually by the beads.

Step 12: Glow!

Wait until dark and your plant will shine with an alien glow. You may want to replace the string with transparent string so that the plant looks like it’s floating during the day as well.

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