Alien Poop

Introduction: Alien Poop

About: 16 year old dude from the Philippines! I'm not really geeky about stuffs like these, but I do what I do when I'm bored... That doesn't even makes sense.

My first attempt of putting the things I find from my kitchen to the blender! I was surprised that it wasn't as wasted as my life.

Step 1: Get Yo Ingredients!

Sorry if I sounded like a black guy. Not being racist, by the way. Anyway, these are the stuff that I found in our table:

• 33g (more or less) pack of White Powdered Milk
• 2 Chocolate Cake Bar
• 6 pieces of Vanilla Cream-Filled Chocolate Cookies
• Whole Wheat Pancakes

Step 2: The Process

Before you dump everything inside the blendah, follow my procedures first in order for your blender not to grind in the big chunks you have.

• Get a clean mug then mix in 1/2 cup of warm water and your powdered milk.
• Drink it.
• No, stop don't drink it.
• Get a mortar and pester then crush the cookies into, say, really small pieces.
• Say no to the measuring life!
• Break the chocolate cake bars into threes.
• Put the crushed cookies, chocolate cake bars, and the mug of milk into the blendah.
• Put on the cap and start the blendah!

Step 3: After Blending

So it should look like this... thing. Alien Poop. Somehow, mine got bubbly. Just make sure that there are no chunky stuff left, everything should be thoroughly smooth yet thick.

The next step is to put it into the fridge until it's really cool but don't freeze it!

Step 4: Pour Over Hot Pancakes

If you have a ready-made pancakes, that's fine, but it will be ten times better if it just came out from the pan!

Once your Alien Poop is cool enough to serve, start pouring it on top of the steamy hot pancakes.

Step 5: Grab a Spoon and Fork

And there you have it! Alien Poop! It might look like a regular chocolate-covered pancakes but trust me, it has a different twist to it. Now grab your spoon and fork and start digging in as you think about how sugary and risky this is for your blood sugar level. Hey, I didn't use whole wheat pancakes for nothin'!

Happy eating! :)

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