Alien Sculpture.

Introduction: Alien Sculpture.

Here a traditional clay sculpture of an extraterrestrial biomechanic.


For make a traditional clay sculpture you will need:



-Masking tape


-Wood table

-Detailing tools

-Sculpture clay.

-Epoxic or modeling pastes



-Acrylic paint.


Step 1: Here We Go!

Take the wire and bend it to get the basic structure or the sculpture. The wire need the correct shape of the body of the piece to make sure you have the essencial parts of the body like shoulders,waist and hips.

Remember make the base with the same wire but stronger (or depend the form of the base that you want for your sculpture),then this base will scrow to the table to finally your wire structure.

Step 2: Beginning

To safe clay and make the sculpture ligthweight,with newspaper and adhesive tape make the volume of the figure and be careful with the details and form of the parts of the body like belly,breast or neck.

Finally,is important that all the piece is covered with the adhesive tape.

Step 3: Modeling!


Over the adhesive tape put the sculpture clay. At first time is more important that the clay sticks over the adhesive tape,then you can make the correct shape with the clay. This step could be very long,be patience,the important thing is the piece,go on until you get the figure. With the detailings tools help yourself for make the details and incorporate the clay correctly. Don´t forget to use different tools to make different shapes,textures and work details in different sizes. To make the base you can use another type of clay or modeling pastes like epoxic,this way the piece gets harder and it doesnt move when this clay dries. Sculpting with clay is adding and removing clay many times, thus you get the perfect modeling. Remember,have fun!

Step 4: Soft the Clay.

Wet a brush in thinner and clean the sculpture with it,the thinner is also for making the clay soft and get better texture.

Then paint the sculpture with colour base for protection could be black or white.

Step 5: Painting.

Paint the sculpture with acrylic paintings,use the colour that you prefer,if you want you can also paint the table.

Finally apply lacquer in all the figure.

Step 6: Finally!!

It´s all!!!

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    2 years ago

    Impressive! In step 1 you show some source images for the design. It would be appropriate to add a link to reference where those are from, just a tip! ; )