All American Swiss Burgers

Introduction: All American Swiss Burgers

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Things You’ll Need

Fresh Rolls
Ground beef
Red Onions
Spices(Garlic powder, garlic salt, onion powder, red pepper, black pepper, brown sugar grill mates, thyme)
Italian Breadcrumbs
Chicken stock
Swiss Cheese
Horseradish sauce

Step 1: Veggie Prep

Tip #1 Timing is everything to make sure all your ingredients are ready around the same time.

First prepare vegetables; dice red onions, slice mushrooms and mince garlic.  Set all of these aside you will be using them later on.  Now take the ground beef, add in the minced garlic, half of the diced red onions, and all of the spices listed above.

Step 2: Mix It Up!

Using your CLEAN hands mix it up! Don’t be afraid to get messy.

Step 3: Form the Patties

Form your beef into approximately 8 ounce patties.  First roll into a ball them press until desired thickness (See picture).  Preheat grill and grill burgers until perfection! I like mine medium.

Step 4: Prepare Burger Toppings

While burgers are grilling prepare all toppings.  Heat a skillet on medium flame and melt about two tablespoons of butter.  Once butter is melted add sliced mushrooms, the rest of the onions, and enough chicken stock to just cover the bottom of the skillet. Cover and let this mixture simmer until use. While this is simmering heat another pan and fry up bacon until golden brown. NOM.

Step 5: Assemble Burger

Tip #2 This burger doesn’t have to be made using beef, try ground chicken or turkey.

Time to assemble.  Begin the process while it is on the grill.  After flipping burger first add bacon followed by a generous amount of Swiss cheese.  Let it melt.  While it is melting toast the buns. Place burger onto toasted buns and add on the mushrooms/onions on top. Mix up horseradish sauce and ketchup, apply to bun, and serve!

Step 6: Suggestions


  • Serve with a side of green bean crispers or fries!
  • If you’re going all out maybe even a nice vanilla milkshake.

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    General Zod
    General Zod

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Raw horseradish or the creamy horseradish sauce mixed with ketchup? Either way, this looks really good.


    Reply 8 years ago

    if you have the creamy sauce just mix it in half and half, with raw horseradish mix together mayo and ketchup and add the raw horseradish in. (also adding a tinge of garlic powder into the sauce gives it a great flavor)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I cheat with the store bought stuff like bookbinders. I like drizzling this on my pastrami sandwich


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Looks nice. I love Bleu or Gorgonzola too but swiss and mushrooms cant be beat.