All Terrain Knee Walker for Broken Ankle




Introduction: All Terrain Knee Walker for Broken Ankle

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A ride in the air ambulance over scenic Wilson's Promentary in Victoria's south was small compensation for breaking my ankle on the second day of a three day hike. A broken bone was not on my bucket list.

Step 1: Goodbye Crutches

Nor was learning to use crutches.
After 5 days my back, neck, hips, hands and head were aching from using crutches.
This contraption, found on eBay, quickly became my new best friend, waiting patiently beside the front door.
The only problem was that the hard rubber wheels could barely negotiate the transition from floorboards to a mat.
Outdoors, uneven ground threw the handlebars into spasms.
It was dangerous, if not impossible on uneven ground and even small sticks and stones threatened to twist the handlebars out of my hands.

Step 2: Trolley Wheels

Pneumatic wheels off a cheap trolley solved the problem.
The trolley came unassembled so we used U-bolts to attach the axle to the frame of the walker and a couple of spacers to get the length right.

Step 3: The All Terrain Knee Walker

Now I can go outside and I can now confidently take the knee walker on neighbourhood paths without worrying about small stones or broken pavements.
And the only time I need crutches now is to negotiate stairs.
Oh - and it's a great conversation starter ;)

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice setup. My mother could have used one of these this year. I should have made one.


    Reply 2 years ago

    The original setup is easily purchased - I just put the pneumatic tyres on it.

    But it makes it easier to do everything - getting into the shower, the truck, even trousers!

    And I can carry a cup of coffee to the table.


    2 years ago

    And how do you use your knees to make it work. IDK


    Reply 2 years ago

    You use it like a scooter but kneel on the support instead of standing & scoot around with the other foot.