Introduction: Almost Good for You Cookie Butter

Okay maybe I am pushing it to say that there is some good nutritional value in this cookie butter but I will try to justify it. First of all, there is butter and evaporated milk and condensed milk and we all know that dairy products are valuable in our diet. Then there is the cookie crumb part. Whereas I would have a hard time making a case that the bakery cookies are good nutrition, I can certainly be proud that the Organic (Organic is good - right?), zero trans fat (we all know that trans fat is so bad) and other good things in Honey Graham Bears. And they out weigh those other cookies 2 to 1 (almost). Heck they have no preservative, no artifical flavour and they are free of hydrogenated oils, now that is all good, right? And peanut free, what more can I say. Maybe it is a little (?) heavy on the sweetness but we all know that Instructable followers use a lot of brain power and that calls for, well it calls for something.

Step 1: How It Is Concocted

First you grind up all of the cookies that taste great. I separate the really nutritionally ok cookies from all of the rest and store them in plastic bags in the freezer. You know how you go on a cookie binge and then when the craze is over, you have all those cookies or maybe it was a holiday like Christmas, anyway if you grind them up then you won't keep eating them (until later). But today I ground them up to order because I wanted to make them sort of healthy and beside the crew at our makerspace will be eating them tonight and I want them all to stay healthy.

I used 150 g 2/3 cup of bakery cookies and 225 grams 1 cup of Organic better for you cookies.

I poured 140g or 1/2 cup of Sweetened Condensed Milk into a pyrex measuring cup along with

57 grams 1/4 cup (2oz) of Butter and warmed it in the microwave (30 seconds).

When those two items were well blended, I added 57 grams 1/4 cup (2 oz) of evaporated milk and continue blending it all.

Then I gradually added the ground up cookie crumbs. And stirred. I stirred with a metal knife because it is all very stiff to mix. When all of the ingredients are well blended you can get adventurous. You can divide the cookie butter and add chocolate chips to some, raisins and oatmeal to some and cranberries or coconut (or broken up chips of toffee) to some, or add all of it to all of it. You are in charge.

You can also add Peanut Butter (or is that putting it too far over the top.)

I spooned them into dishes.

Step 2:

When I was finished playing with the add ins, I spooned the cookie butter into dishes.

I put a tongue depressor in as a serving utensil to encourage restraint on those partaking of the treat and a spoon might tempt someone to just scoop up a spoonful and run away to enjoy it. Many people have been known to take a spoonful right out of the container but no one that I know I am sure. I also provide something for people to put the cookie butter onto to avoid double dipping.

I also packed some of the cookie butter into a square mold and put it into the freezer. I then sliced it which would allow you to serve it in slices or with crackers and it can be spread like peanut butter.