Alternative Setup for Egyptian Style Bowl

Introduction: Alternative Setup for Egyptian Style Bowl

This setup will allow you to save all of the wonderful flavor juices from oozing down your stem. I use it all the time and hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Identify Your Bowl.

Egyptian bowls are the type with holes in the bottom of the bowl. Because they are famous for losing juices they are cheap to find and readily available. After reading this instructable you'll be able to use this to your advantage.

Step 2: Cut Your Foil.

I use heavy duty aluminum foil from the grocery store. Cut a strip from the roll wide about 2 inches wider than your bowl you are using. From that strip you should at least get 2 squares to use. One for a liner and one to go on top for the coal.

Step 3: Making the Liner.

The pictures should explain well but form the foil inside the bowl for the correct shape. Don't press insanely hard on the sides as the wrinkles provide airflow. The heavy duty foil doesn't usually get sucked tight to the bottom but if it does see the next step for a simple solution. For most bowls this is end of shaping.

Step 4: Extended Shaping for Better Draw.

Press a small rod shape from the bottom to make a sort of tunnel. One will suffice, but 2 just looks so professional. Try it out and be proud that you took the initiative!

Step 5: Load the Bowl.

Millions of ways to do this. Really only depends on the brand you smoke at this point. I usually use tweezers places small pinches of shisha until the bowl is full but just under the rim of the bowl. It's really up to you and what works for you at this point.

Step 6: Cover and Light.

Again, at this point you'll be using whatever techniques you prefer. I've used single and double layers to cover the bowl, various hole configurations, and styles of coals. Pictured above is a double layer, high amount of holes and one insta-light coal. The lining you've made will help transfer heat to the bottom of your shisha and also contain your juices for better flavored sessions. Enjoy!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    You make holes on the surface of the foil that goes inside the owl?