Introduction: Altoid Arduino

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Though the arduino fits in the popular Altoids tin (see here and here and here), I wanted to make one myself.
I have seen an DIY Arduino for an Altoids tin on veroboard but that involved a lot of wires and I have seen a perfect example here. That last example by Christian Aschoff however would cost an estimated 32 euro, just for the PCB if made through as it is about 54 square cm.
So i needed to etch it myself, which means single sided.
This instructable is not a guide on how to build that full "Altduino", as I have no pictures yet and put the project aside for now, But I just wanted to share the print design for those people who may be thinking of building one right now.

As it is single sided , you need to make a few wire bridges  and in fact one wire needs to be soldered between pin 1 of the ATMEGA 328 and the 'reset' pin on the header.

The programming of the chip goes through an FTDI header that you can alter, depending on the pin sequence of yr FTDI interface (I use an rs232 to TTL interface with a MAX232)

the PCB also has some pads for experimenting, but one could just build a serial to TTL converter  in that area and be completely 'self contained'

There might be a better design and if any of you come up with an improvement I'd be interested to see it.

The printdesign (Fritzing)  is attached.