Introduction: Altoid Survival Kit

About: I'm Seth, a musician, author to be, and an occasional woodworker. I enjoy making costumes with EVA foam, and makeshift weapons. I'm always looking to learn a new skill.

One day, them Zombie Squirrels is gonna take over the world. Civilization will collapse, and the population will fall into chaos and the world as you know it will come to an end. When that day comes, you will want this handy tool in your pocket.

With it you can:

  • Start a fire
  • Band aid a cut
  • Navigate the environment
  • Tie things up
  • Cut small items
  • Shoot Zombie Squirrels with rubber bands
  • Hit Zombie Squirrels on the Head
  • And Whatever else you can figure out how to do

Step 1: Fire and Navigation

In your Pocket Kit you'll need something to start a fire. I used this buckling thing that includes a ferro rod, striker, whistle, and compass. I also have a bigger compass just in case. I also packed tinder for starting fires.

Step 2: Meds and Rubber Bands

You also should pack meds (Band-aids, prescriptions, disinfectant, bug wipes, etc.). For my intents and purposes, I only packed Band-Aids.

You should pack a tying material of some kind. I chose rubber bands because they take up less space.

Step 3: Does It Fit?


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