Introduction: Altoids Phone Charger


Step 1: Items You Will Need...

You will need: An altoids mint box, positive and negative wire, USB car charger, electrical tape, wire cutters, small screw driver, Pliers, 9V battery, 9V battery adapter, (optional) and your phone charger.

Step 2: USB Car Charger...

Take apart your USB car charger, unscrew the 2 screws then take out the USB charger itself.

Step 3: Connect Positive and Negative Wires...

Connect positive and negative wires, positive is the spring, negative is one of the 2 bendable parts. The wire I used 22 Gage wire. Cut the wire so the copper/ metal can twist around the positive and negative parts. Electrical tape the wires.

Step 4: Connect to Battery

Connect the positive and negative wires to the battery (make sure the positive and negative wires are on the positive and negative of the battery). To make it easier buy a 9V battery connector to connect the 9V battery to the wire. (As shown in the second picture of this step).

Step 5: Cut Altoids Tin

Cut altoids tin to the size of the USB car charger, use your pliers.

Step 6: Put Everything in Place...

Put everything in place, put in the USB car charger and tape down with the electrical tape. Do not tape 9V battery.

Step 7: Charge Your Phone!

Enjoy and charge your phone! Never need an outlet again!