Introduction: Altoids Survival Tin

I have collected over 20 of these tins and one day decided to put them to good use.

Step 1: Find a Tin

Altoids tins work the best but any small container will work well.

Step 2: Supplies

The supplies I have in my tin are fine for a short situation.
1 box of waterproof matches
for fire starting
2 a small packet of fish hooks
for catching food
3 safety pins
for a sling or bandage
4 small knife with built in tweezers
for cutting, removing ticks/splinters etc.
5 a tissue tightly coiled with string
a tissue can be used as kindling
& the rope can help in shelter building
6 a pocket stove fuel pellet
this can burn no matter what the conditions
7 a small bag of painkillers/anti virus
if you become hurt or sick these could save your life
8 two wrapped razor blades
these can be used to skin an animal or make a fuzz stick
9 dental floss
works as fishing line or very tough thread
10 three band aids
11 a variety of nails
these could be a finishing touch to a shelter
12 two sewing needles
for medical and sewing
13 reflective tape
although not as bright as a starflash the tape could help
14 the tin
the tin can be used for boiling water for purification or cooking food

Step 3: Water Proof It

I covered the outside entirely in duck tape to waterproof the tin.
This will keep the contents dry and still viable for use.

I hope you liked my first Instructable. I f you have any better ideas or additions please comment.

Happy surviving!