Introduction: Always on Canvas

Easy and beautiful Harry Potter inspired splatter art using canvas.

"After all this time"

"Always", said Snape

Step 1: Matrials

You will need:

  • A canvas (Mine is 24x24'')
  • Template of a doe
  • Assorted blue paints
  • Black paint pen
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Projector (optional)

Step 2: Doe

I am not very skilled at drawing so I printed out a silhouette of a doe. I used this website to be able to print the picture on multiple pages so that it was big enough to fit on my canvas. Once you have it printed out tape the pages together and cut out the doe. Position it on your canvas where you want it and trace it with a pencil very lightly. If you make the trace too dark you may be able to see it on the final product.

I printed out the words but later decided there would be an easier way to get the words onto the canvas so there is no need to print out the words yet.

Step 3: Masking Tape

Go around the doe with masking tape. Make sure the edges of the tape are stuck down really well.

Cut up your plastic grocery bags and using masking tape, tape them over all the exposed canvas outside of the doe.

Step 4: Paint

Mix your paints with a little bit of water to thin them out. You don't want to make the paint too thin otherwise you will end up with really big droplets on your doe.

Using an old toothbrush, dip the bristles in the paint. Use your thumb to brush the bristles above the canvas to achieve the splatter effect. Continue to repeat this step with every colour until you doe is the way you like it.

Step 5: Finished Doe

Once the doe is completely dry remove the plastic bags and the tape. Don't worry if it is not perfect splatter art is not meant to be perfect and you will be adding more splatter to the rest of the canvas and that will help hide the imperfections. However, if there are really big spots that you really don't like you can always cover them with a little bit of white paint.

Step 6: "Always" Said Snape

I printed the words on transparency paper and then used an overhead projector and traced the words very lightly onto the canvas using a pencil. The font I used was Bell MT italic.

Step 7: Painting the Letters

Pick your favourite blue to paint the letters. It may take several coats of paint to get the desired coverage.

Once the letters have dried take your toothbrush and lightly splatter the rest of the canvas and the words. Once the canvas is the way you like it and has dried completely, use a black paint marker and go around all the letters.

Now you are done! I hope you enjoy!

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