Amazing 8-pointed Transforming Ninja Star.




Introduction: Amazing 8-pointed Transforming Ninja Star.

This is one of the coolest of origami, but don't worry guys, I'll make it simple and easy to make. Hope you guys like it!!!!!!

Step 1: Finding the Right Paper.

You can use any sheet, the method will work. I used 2 halves of 2 coloured A4 sheets.(sorry about the printings on the paper) You can use a single sheet or 2 halves of different same sized sheet or different colours, Good luck!!

Step 2: Fold the Paper Into 8 Equal Pieces.(Trust Me, It's Simple!!!)

If you are using a single sheet, fold it into 8 pieces. If you are using 2 sheets of paper like me, then, Fold each one into 4 pieces which is basically the same. Make the creases properly such that it is easy to tear, remember guys "Practice always makes a man Perfect"????

Step 3: Here Comes the Tearing Part....

Tear them into 8 pieces along the creases formed during the previous step. Use scissors if you prefer them. Careful!!

Step 4: Let's Square Em'up!!

Fold all 8 rectangles into square by picking the top right corner and fold it to left side. Refer the pics.

Step 5: Let's Cut Em'up

Tear them into squares along the base of the triangle or use scissors to cut them. Good Luck!

Step 6: Let's Begin Making the Star!!!

Let's do square by square. Take a square and fold it diagonally in 2 possible ways , one of which we have already done, unfold it and you should have an X. Now,fold it into a square.

Step 7: Let's Form Triangles!!!

Fold the square into a hut-shape by folding the top right corner to the center line and also the top left corner to the center line.

Step 8: Another Fold.......

Fold the hut-shaped square in half along the center line.

Step 9: The Main Fold........

Push the back part of the square by having a good grip on its body and with a smooth but firm push on the back.(Hope you guys figure it out)

Step 10: Repeat, Repeat and Repeat......

Do the same with all the 8 squares, by the end you should have 8 parrellograms.

Step 11: The Connecting're Almost Done.....!

Take 2 pieces of alternate colours if you using 2 sheets like me or else same colour :) ,and connect the front of one piece to the back of the other piece by folding the excess piece of the back piece (don't cut it off) to the front piece's opening.(Refer the pics, it's really important). Keep doing this until you reach the 7th piece.

Step 12:

Step 13: The Last One.....

To connect the 8th piece, it's the same step but you would have noticed that the starting point already has one in it , so carefully place the excess paper so that they come to the sides of the piece in your starting piece.

Step 14: ........and You're DONE!!!!!

To transform the star push opposite colours towards the center. To change it back pull opposite colours back(Don't pull too much).

Step 15: Enjoy Your Star Guys!!

Hope you made it, comment bellow!! Note: If you want to throw it, it does not fly in the transformed state but flies in the non-transformed state.

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