Introduction: Amazing Ham and Potato Soup

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In this Instructable, I will teach you how to make the Best Ham and Potato Soup. Nothing like a great bowl of potato soup to warm your belly on a cold winter day. Of course, you don't have to wait for winter to eat soup. :) Do you want a good recipe to feed a large group of people, but don't want to spend a lot of money, try this tasty ham and potato soup recipe! I know you will love it! Follow the steps below, or watch the short video tutorial, or do both!

Print the recipe here if you like.


6-8 potatoes washed and diced

1/2 cup of celery washed and diced (118 grams)

1/2 of an onion, diced (118 grams)

1 cup of ham diced (I like to use the ham steaks) (236 grams)

3 1/2 cups of water (used filtered if possible) (828 ml)

2 chicken bouillon cubes

Salt and Pepper to taste, I like to use about 1 tsp of each (5 grams)

1/3 cup of butter (78 grams)

1/3 cup of flour (78 grams)

2 cups of milk (473 ml)

1/4 cup of chopped green onion (59 grams) (optional) this will ad about 5 cents to the cost or free if you grow them in your garden. :)

A few pinches of Cheddar Cheese (optional) this will ad 10 to 20 cents to the cost.

***A cool thing about this Ham and Potato Soup recipe is you can add more veggies if you like, or top it off with bacon bits, or whatever you like.

***Double check the metric conversions :) I think I did them right.

Step 1: Combine Potatoes, Celery, Ham, and Onion

First lets turn our stove top to medium high to high and in a large pot add the potatoes, celery, ham chunks, and onion.

Step 2: Add Water and Bring to Boil

Now we add our water and bring it to a boil. Once it comes to a boil, turn down the heat to medium, and let it cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3: Melt Butter in a Sauce Pan/skillet

Now in a sauce pan/skillet, we want to melt our butter. Use medium low heat to do this, we don't want to burn our butter.

Step 4: Add Flower

Now we add our flower slowly and keep stirring as we add it. I used a fork lightly, being careful not to scrape the skillet, you can use a whisk too if you like. Keep stirring constantly, this will prevent large clumps to form.

Step 5: Slowly Add Milk

Now while stirring constantly we slowly add our milk. if you add it all at once, it will get really clumpy and we don't want that. Once we have all of our milk in there, keep stirring for 3 to 5 minutes until it thickens up a little bit.

Step 6: Add Chicken Bouillon Cubes

Now lets smash up our chicken bouillon cubes, and add them to the pot. Stir the mixture until the bouillon dissolves.

Step 7: Add Milk and Butter Mixture

Next we will take our milk mixture that we made and add it to the pot. Stir it some more.

Step 8: Add Salt and Pepper to Taste

Now we add some salt and pepper to taste, and let it cook for about another 5 minutes or so, until it thickens up.

Step 9: Top It Off With Cheddar Cheese and Green Onion

Finally we top our soup off withe cheddar cheese and green onion. This is optional of course. :)

Step 10: Total Cost

The total cost will vary depending on your store, and the price of the ingredients. But generally this soup is really cheap to make. This batch cost me around $4.80 to make, which made about 6 to 8 servings. Just one serving would cost about $4 to 5 dollars at a restaurant. Super savings!!

Step 11: Enjoy

Now enjoy your yummy soup!!

Step 12: Video Tutorial

Click the video to watch the tutorial on how to make this soup.

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