Amazing a Measuring Worm From Ice Cream Stick




Introduction: Amazing a Measuring Worm From Ice Cream Stick

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Hello! This is our worm robot

A very interesting project that you can do at home

It is very suitable for your small children

Let's see how it works. very easy

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Let's make it !

⚡ Sorry everyone, but this tutorial may not be detailed. You can see the specific instructions by the video I posted above

Step 1: ​Prepare

Prepare 4 ice cream sticks and a rubber band

Make two holes at the ends of the ice cream stick (Second photo)

Step 2: Tick

Mark 2 points with a distance of 3cm

Step 3: Prepare Two Smaller Ice Cream Sticks

Prepare two smaller ice cream sticks and cut off the ends

It has a gap of 10.5cm ( Second photo)

Step 4: ​Fasten 2 Small Popsicles Onto the Big Popsicle Stick

Fasten 2 small popsicles onto the big popsicle stick

Continue with the other one, but this time only one small popsicle stick

Use a bamboo toothpick to connect the two ice cream sticks together

Step 5: Make a Hole

Make a big hole and a small hole in the bottle cap

Large holes used to attach the motor.

Small hole used to attach the moving axis.

Step 6: ​4 Bottle Caps Remaining

4 bottle caps remaining. Make a small hole on it

Step 7: Attach a Gear to the Toothpick for Braking

Attach a gear to the toothpick for braking

To continue, attach the bottle cap to the toothpick to create the wheel

Make two front wheels and two rear wheels and glue it with hot glue

Step 8: Make a Small Hole to Place the Motor

Make a small hole to place the motor

Step 9: Use a Ice Cream Stick

Use a ice cream stick with 2 holes at the ends to connect the front and the back of the robot (length is 10.5cm)

Step 10: Create a Hole

Create a hole as photo

This hole allows the toothpick to penetrate and fasten the spindle

Step 11: Attach the Rotating Shaft

Attach the rotating shaft

Note that use 502 super glue to fasten each stage

Done this part. means you have already completed half the work

Step 12: Fully Prepared

Use switch, 9v battery và battery connector

Conduct electrical connection and attach to the robot

Step 13: See It in Action

hmmm. Looks like it didn't move

You can watch the video I have above to see how it works (starting from minute 04:02 - 04:09)

Step 14: Make It Move

Use a plastic sheet from the water bottle shell

And cut as shown

Then, attach it to the robot

Attention! The right arrow part touches the gear

Step 15: Cut Into Two Ice Cream Sticks

Cut into two ice cream sticks

Attach the two halves of the popsicle stick together

And put it into the robot

Do the same for both sides

Step 16: Decorate

And finally. Please decorate according to your preferences

Step 17: Finished Product. Let's See the Finished Product

I hope you like it.

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Thank you very much. Have a nice day ! :))))

Step 18:

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