Amazing Tips and Trick to Become Pro

Introduction: Amazing Tips and Trick to Become Pro

These are easy cheap and usefully things that you make and it also has some tips and trick

Get your hidden photographer outside and so it to your friends

Step 1: List Down All the Things Needed.

If you are more into to computer then here are few software that are free and easy to use.And those people who are into more camera then you can use some cheap to make or all most free.

For Computer Savvy

1. Gimp


3. PhoXo

4.Photo Pos Pro




8.PixBuilder Studio

9. Chasys Draw IES

10.Pixlr[Google Chrome app]

these are free and available and easy to use

For Camera Man

1.Bottle tripod

2.String tripod

3.Diy Photo Slider

these easy to make and cheap so no need to buy expensive things

Step 2: Making Stuff

Bottle Tripod can be made with simple things

1.A Bottle [of course]

2.Water/Sand/Pebles to keep it standing

3.Screw And Washer to Hold the Cam

String tripod can be made with

1.String or A rope

2.Big Piece of Metal Or Wood

3.Screw and Washer

I am giving link to how to make it

For Editing you will needed mouse for the laptop user as it is hard to do it with trackpad

Step 3: Editing and Photography

If you are in more into photoshop kind of software then gimp would be right choice and if you dont want hard work then Autodesk Pixlr would be great

For Photography you can use Normal Digital Camera ,Cam,DSLR

Keep few Battery in handy as if battery low

And if you dont have a great flash then just take led and make a circuit board and too lazy to do that then just grab a

torch and make half doom using silver foil.

for the circuit its above.

And keep a soft cloth,charger and other needed stuff ready.

Step 4: For Those Who Wanna Buy New Cam

Take a DSLR if you want Pro Photos and If your budget is tight then take a normal 16 to 20 Megapixle Camera

When buying See Resolution

Screen Size



Step 5: See Tutorials on Youtube

See Channel like

indy mogul

photo tips

film roit


And best of luck with your Photography

I am new to this all so if there is something wrong comment on this

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    These are great tips! Maybe you should add something in the title about how they are tips to take and edit good photographs. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for your feedback i will add more to it