Introduction: Amazingly Crunchy and Mind-blowingly Flavorful Rice Chips

Stuck at home and wondering what to snack on?

Ran out of potatoes 2 weeks ago so you can't even make chips?

Been binge watching Masterchef and now feel like you can't even boil an egg correctly?

Just bored and want to try something new?

Let's solve your problems with one Instructable!

In this Instructable we'll be learning how to EASILY make a mind-blowing (low kcal) snack that literally anyone can make without killing themselves. (Hot oil is involved, so notice how I didn't mention not burning yourself, just be careful, ok?)

No knife skills or even owning a knife is required.

Step 1: Ingredients

The ingredient list is short for this one and highly up to you, depending on what you enjoy and/or what you've got at home.

A basic version is:

-Rice paper (I used 3 hand-sized ones to feed 3 people)

-Cooking oil or animal fat if you have it (higher smoke point)

-(Optional) Spices to flavor your finished chips

I used a frying pan to cook the chips in since it was most convenient, you can use whatever you've got at hand as long as it's wide enough. (See next step for explanation)

Step 2: Frying???

After you've gathered your ingredients, feel proud of yourself, you're about to cook something amazing. (Maybe this is how you convince your girlfriend/wife that you, in fact, can cook edible food?)

What we want to do is TOUCH the rice paper to some hot oil. It'll puff up INSTANTLY (if the oil is hot enough) at which point you can take it out, preferably with some cooking utensils. Obviously don't use your hands for this. Now that you have an idea of what you're supposed to do, here's the process step by step.

Cooking process:

-Pour some oil (or fat) into your frying pan. Around 1cm or half an inch is ok. The rice paper will just touch the surface, we're not deep-frying here.

-Make some coffee while you wait for the oil to heat up. Watch the oil though, you don't want to burn down your kitchen.

-Tear off a small piece of rice paper and throw it into the oil. If it INSTANTLY turns crispy, it's hot enough (you'll know when you see it). If it just kind of works or turns translucent, the oil isn't hot enough yet.

-Wait a minute (literally) and throw another one into the oil and repeat till you get a proper, fluffy chip. (SEE PICTURES)

-Once your oil is hot enough, start dropping in bigger pieces of the rice paper one at a time!

The rice paper fluffs up quite a bit, this is why you'll want to use a frying pan or a wide pot and throw them in one at a time.

-Once each piece is done, take it out with some tongs or grab an edge with your hand if you like to live dangerously.

-You can eat them as is, they're already quite flavorful because of the oil for some reason. Try one plane and see how you like it.

-Optionally you can sprinkle on some salt or other seasonings you've got at home.

-DO NOT forget to turn off the oil!

Step 3: Brag About Your Cooking Skills

Of course, once you're done, there's no need to plate the chips like Gordon Ramsay, they kind of look fancy on a plate by themselves.

Gather the family in a circle and tell them you just made this amazingly delicious snack out of thin air.

Try not to moan while you eat or own it and make as much noise as you feel is necessary.

Be prepared to make this dish often since everyone is sure to adore it.

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