Ambient Lighting in Minecraft PE

Introduction: Ambient Lighting in Minecraft PE

Hello Everyone! I just made a perfect room in Minecraft PE and guess what! The lighting just ruined the room. I've always found the lights a bit too harsh, especially the glowstone and redstone lamps(i'm sure many of you agree with me). These sources of light may look good in a medieval style wooden house, but on structures which showcase modernity, they just don't look good enough!

That's why I decided to create that Ambient light effect just with glowstone. Here is a list of things to get started with.

  • Glowstone
  • Iron bars
  • Block of your choice (I used wool)

Today I am going to show you two ways of doing this. So, let's get started!

Step 1: Adding the Lights! (Method 1)

This is the room I created. You can get the world from the file below.

You might have noticed the pink blocks of wool are one block behind the gray blocks of wool. We will be adding the lights in front of the pink blocks as in the second Image

Dig a hole two blocks deep in front of the pink blocks as shown in the third image.

At the bottom of the hole, dig one block away from the pink blocks and put a block of glowstone there as shown in the fourth and fifth images:

Replace all the blocks of dirt with any block of your choice. It should look like the sixth image.

Finally, fill in the hole with two iron bars. This is going to be our first light which should look like the 7th image:

Repeat this with all the pink depressions and notice the difference!

Definitely looks wayyy better!

Step 2: Method 2

This next method I'm going to teach you here is what I call the "Fireplace Effect". I call it so because it does look like one. This is the same room I'm working with here, just another wall.

First, let's remove the three white wool blocks on the bottom layer. Then, dig a pit three blocks long and two blocks wide. Make sure it is two blocks deep as well.

Then, add 3 glowstone at the bottom as in the third image.

Once that's done, place blocks of your choice over the glowstone. Then, cover the open space with any block. The lights should look like the last image.

Step 3: Conclusion

This is the power of Ambient lighting. The room looks a million times better and less antique. Also added is a flavour of coziness within the room. I hope you enjoyed the instructable. Feel free to use it in any of your projects as well. If you do, post a comment with the photo of the lighting. Also, if you have any new ideas of concealing lights, feel free to add them in the comments section as well! You can use Redstone lamps here instead of Glowstone to make a redstone controlled room with ambient lighting!!!

Note: I am currently using Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta. The world I've uploaded might have to be manually added in the file directory of the game if you are using iOS or Android. But, if you are using Windows like me, just download and import the file into the game.

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